Cheers! to things new

Photo: Jodi Pudge

Thanks to so many, for the new website launch! Expressing what “I do” is a challenge…food styling AND off-grid cabin rentals in Prince Edward County?!!

Acura Expressions

Recent images from Acura Expressions Magazine, looking good enough to eat!  The magazine is only available direct mail to Acura owners, but you can try the recipes at Allen’s, on the Danforth.

memories of tomatoes

Some early spring cleaning around the house unearthed this early issue of Canadian Living Magazine from August 1995..still looking yummy. One of my very first magazine covers…and it was SO exciting.

Roasted Sweet Chile Cauliflower

My recipe! in the current Fall issue of Cottage Life Magazine. It’s a great option for those who don’t eat turkey this weekend. Happy Thanksgiving! and stay cozy.

late summer magic

I’m thrilled to see this gallery of images posted by friend, Bangkok-based, County-born photographer Ian Taylor; we captured these a few weeks ago, fueled by iced tea and Waupoos apple, blueberry and strawberry Hand Pies. You don’t get to have 36,124 facebook friends like he does,  without being a fantastic shooter and vagabond. Thanks for that really fun day, Ian ! Come back soon …

frozen green tea

…as seen on billboards near you, before the Summer is over.

go blueberry

It’s pick-your-own berry time, so let’s get out there.  You might find your blueberry patch here. I’ll be picking here in Waupoos… while thinking about which of these recipes to make {again}. Yes, food stylists make the food we get to shoot, and these were some delicious!   photographer   Jim Norton            food stylist    Ruth Gangbar client     Cottage Life Magazine   …


Food stylists’ job description sometimes involve foraging (for this sumac) ,recipe writing (see my recipe for these lamb kebabs with sumac as pictured, below), with a bit of sleuthing (for this cake). Lincoln  wanted to pair unusual food with their uniquely positioned product; it certainly made for impressive results, and one of my all-time favourite projects to date. Who knew …

Vintages! Summer BBQ release

Here’s a peek at the current Vintages catalogue avail in LCBO stores now.  Great teamwork for collaborative days on set (with a natural feel for styling that helps makes a shoot feel special ) for the  LCBO. food stylist  Ruth Gangbar photographer   Michael Alberstat  props  Madeleine Wong     

Shari’s Pick with Natasha Nicholson!

Thanks for posting these behind the scenes shots, Natasha! This image was for LCBO’s Shari’s Pick, featured in the current Fall issue of Food and Drink Magazine. See Natasha Nicholson’s blog here to see more from our day together recently,  and for more of her amazing work on her website here. That would be me, multi-tasking… and the final image …

Foodography Fall session! Oct 3

FoodographyPEC is being hosted by Waupoos Estates Winery, and will take over their Gazebo Restaurant for the day on Oct 3 .It’s a magical zone of Prince Edward County, especially in Fall when traffic subsides and farm stands are still oveflowing with goodness. Visit our website for more details on the workshop  here. With amazing natural lighting, we’ll gather with …