Check out is 11 am / Check-in is 3 pm

All persons staying overnight are considered Renters; extra overnight guests are not permitted.

Children: The Nook is not suitable for children.

Maximum Number of Overnight Renters: 2

Pets: With permission only.

Key Pick-up: You will be contacted with key pick-up information once the damage deposit is received and the balance of your stay has been paid.

Damages: The Damage Deposit shall be refunded unless there are damages to the property or additional charges arising during the Renter’s stay (see provisions below).

Owner and Renters are not responsible for damages resulting from lightning, rain, flood or other natural disasters. Should such events occur before (but not during) the rental period, making the property unsuitable for rental, a full refund will be provided to the Renter.

Renters shall receive a full refund if the Owner decides in her absolute discretion prior to the beginning of a rental period that access to the property is unsafe.

Terms of Use: The Owner or her agent may attend at the property and enter the premises at any reasonable time, with or without notice, for the purpose of inspection and making repairs.

Guests: Renters are welcome to have guests at the property. As the Renter, you are asked to assume full responsibility for your guests. Please remain present at all times while your guests are at the property.

Personal Flotation Devices: All Renters and guests must wear personal flotation devices when using boats or other water vessels.

Shenanigans: The discharging of fireworks or any firearms at all is strictly prohibited.

Smoking: Please use your smoking habit as an opportunity to enjoy nature and smoke only outside of the cabin. Be sure to put your cigarettes or cigars out safely and in a fireproof ashtray or buttcan. Please be mindful of the forest around you and ensure your butts make it into the ashtray.

Noise: Enjoy your time at the Nook as an opportunity to revel in the silence. Please maintain a low volume of noise at all times so as not to disrupt neighbours.

Dishes: Consider the “campsite rule” and please leave the kitchen as you found it or better, with all dishes washed and put away.

Garbage (aka, Raccoon’s Dinner): Please dispose of all garbage tightly in plastic bags and move to the specified containers in the shed to avoid unwanted critters enhancing your experience of nature.

Recyclables: Please put your recycling in the appropriate bins in the shed.

Clothes Lines: The use of clothes lines is encouraged for hanging your wet bathing suits, towels, or other wet clothing.

Linens: Blankets and pillows are supplied by the Owner. Linens and towels are also provided, however you will receive a 10% discount when you bring your own sheets, pillowcases and towels.

Toiletries: Toilet paper and soap products (bar soap, dish detergent) are supplied by the Owner.

Firewood: A limited amount of firewood is made available for outdoor bonfires during the Summer. Keep your outdoor fires contained to the fire pit provided. If you burn through this supply of wood, feel free to purchase more for your use. Please be aware of whether or not there is a fire ban in the area before starting a fire.

Wood Stove: Owner will supply wood for the indoor wood stove, for use in heating the cabin in the Fall.
By signing this agreement, the Renter hereby specifically confirms to Owner that he/she has read the instructions and understands same.

Drinking water: Please be aware that the water from the tap is non-drinkable. Some limited drinking water in bottles will be supplied by the Owner.

Off-grid power system: Please take the time to become acquainted with the off-grid power system. This is the fun part about off-grid living! You can read the instructions on how it works on the website here [insert new url here] and you will receive more how-to about the whole thing when you arrive in person, with a demo with your greeter.

Keys: Please replace the keys in the designated spot as you leave. Failure to return keys will result in the deduction of $20 from the damage deposit.

Road access: Road access to the cottage by car may be weather dependent in the early Spring and late Fall. Please confirm with the Owner prior to your arrival to determine road access and conditions.

Damages and Additional Charges

After the Renter leaves, the Owner will inspect the premises. Given that normal wear and tear is not damage, if the Owner is satisfied that there is no damage to the property, the damage deposit will be returned to the Renter.

If there are damages to the property, the Owner will inform the Renter of the particulars and the cost of the damages will be taken from the damage deposit funds.

Any additional charges payable by the Renter as a result of the Renter’s actions or failure to abide the terms and conditions of this agreement will also be taken from the damage deposit funds, and the Owner will notify the Renter of this.

If the damage deposit is not sufficient, the Owner will let the Renter know and the Renter will pay the balance of the damages or additional charges to the Owner within 7 days of notification.

Violation of any of the terms and conditions in this agreement will result in immediate termination of rental and eviction of Renter. All moneys paid by the Renter (including the Damage Deposit) shall be forfeited by the Renter and the Owner retains the right to pursue and recover from the Renter for any additional costs, penalties, and charges arising as a result of the Renter’s or guests’ violations.
The Owner shall not be responsible for any accident or injuries occurring to the Renter or guests of Renter (“guests”) at the property. Renter uses and occupies property at his/her own risk and accepts all risks associated with the use and occupation of the property and premises. Renter shall be responsible for notifying guests of their assumption of risk. The Renter must be present at all times while guests are on the rental Property and Renter is fully responsible for all actions of guests.


The Renter shall indemnify and hold the Owner harmless for any penalty that may be imposed on the Owner by any court/regulatory agency/law enforcement officer by reason of any act of the Renter or guests. Indemnification shall be made within 7 business days of written notification to the Renter by the Owner.