Foodography Fall session! Oct 3

FoodographyPEC is being hosted by Waupoos Estates Winery, and will take over their Gazebo Restaurant for the day on Oct 3 .It’s a magical zone of Prince Edward County, especially in Fall when traffic subsides and farm stands are still oveflowing with goodness.

Visit our website for more details on the workshop  here.

With amazing natural lighting, we’ll gather with cameras and tripods to capture a delicious Fall harvest menu. Contact me if you’re interested to hear more about what our food styling, photography and design tips can offer you.

We hit the ground running at 9 am with coffee and warm muffins, some demos, and lots of assignments during the session where you’ll get direct feedback amidst a delicious day shared by a group of enthusiasts and pros in a dynamic,creative space (with lunch! and Winery tour!) See what we actually DO to make images like those used in our posters happen. Photographer extraordinaire Christopher Gentile and I shot this in my front yard one afternoon recently, and enjoyed eating and sharing the tarts. The food we shoot stands tall against the argument that I hear all the time…. that …..”it’s all fake, right?”  Not the way we do it!   Thanks Tim from Ton-up Creative for another great poster! { Click the poster image twice, to enlarge} See you in Waupoos ! or in April for our next workshop? Cheers, Ruth


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